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Busy Bees launch #ChuckleChallenge in support of Comic Relief

Article By: Melissa McAlees

When it comes to doing something for charity, a gruelling run usually springs to mind, or perhaps an all-night walk in the rain or even giving up a favourite treat.

One of the UK’s leading childcare providers, Busy Bees Nurseries Ltd and nationally-based training provider Busy Bees Training, are launching a gigglesome challenge to raise money for this year’s Comic Relief.

Marg Randles, managing director at Busy Bees Childcare, said: "Comic Relief is such an important charity for young people and their families and because we work with so many families, this was a natural fit for us.

"As part of the Chuckle Challenge, we are hoping to not only raise as much funds as possible for a worthy cause, but also share the joy of laughter. There is nothing quite as infectious as a child laughing – it has the ability to lift your spirits no matter how you feel.

"Our Busy Bees Nursery and Training teams are aiming to start something great and get families across the country doing something funny for money. What can be more fun than laughing and smiling together."

The 'Chuckle Challenge' asks parents, aunts, uncles, grandmas, grandads and friends to submit a 30-second video of themselves telling a joke, reciting a funny story or even pulling a series of funny faces, to make the children in their life laugh.

They are then urged to share it across social media and encourage others to do so using #ChuckleChallenge.

For each video that is uploaded, people are encouraged to make a donation towards Comic Relief, which will go towards life-saving vaccines for people in the poorest countries of the world as well as supporting mental health, young people and families closer to home at risk of abuse and violence.

Fay Gibbin, training manager at Busy Bees Training, added: "We want to raise as much money as we can this year by asking our staff, families, friends and other stakeholders to put aside any anxieties they may have about being in front of the camera for this good cause and send us a funny video.

"Not only this, but the #ChuckleChallenge is a great opportunity to have a laugh, giggle and a smile with the children closest to you.

"Our appeal officially kicks off on 1 March and we are encouraging as many people as possible to send in a video so that it will hopefully snowball across social media and generate funds for this important cause."

Busy Bees is committed to providing quality childcare for around 30,000 children across the country, in 268 nurseries.

Busy Bees also operates two children’s centres and an independent primary school. In early 2015, 60 Knowledge Universe nurseries across Singapore and Malaysia and Singapore’s Asian International College became part of the Busy Bees family.

The Chuckle Challenge will run until Red Nose Day on Friday 24 March 2017.

To support the cause, visit:

click here for more details or to contact Busy Bees Nurseries Ltd


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