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Flipping marvellous: Pancake races get pre-schoolers egg-cited

Article By: Angeline Albert, News Editor

The 28 February was no ordinary day for children across the land who had their tastebuds tingling for this year's annual pancake day.

Tibbi Tots  toddler tries to egg-cel in the pancake race

As Shrove Tuesday approached, it would have been an unfortunate mishap indeed if a nursery chef had forgotten to ensure enough eggs were on standby for eager young pancake competitors.

Tibbi Tots nursery in Stockport was among the nurseries across the UK organising pancake races that chilly February morning.

Judges scrutinised and graded children’s pancakes-flipping skills.

They particularly were on the look out for any children taking a dive into the grass to gobble up any pancake that had hit the ground after missing a competitor’s frying pan.

Children and adults join in the pancake-flipping race at Tibbi Tots nursery in Stockport

After an eggs-hausting race up and down the lawns, it was time to lick pans and make their way inside to feast on stacks of sweet pancakes served with fruit and other tasty toppings.

Chief pancake maker (known as Chef Craig) at Busy Bees at Tibbi Tots Nursery said: “The children enjoyed them with a variety of tasty toppings for their morning and afternoon snack.

"Some of the children and our apprentice chef Philippa took part in a pancake flipping race out on the front lawn and children made paper plate pancakes and playdough pancakes too.”


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