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Woodlands Award for Little Learners


Children at Little Learners Nursery in Accrington were thrilled to receive their Silver ‘Green Tree School Award’.

The awarded was presented to the children by The Woodlands Trust in recognition of the forest activities the children have been taking part in.

To achieve the Silver Award, the children visited their local woodland and went on a fun scavenger hunt. They also completed a survey about the different plants and creatures they had learned about, and made seasonal activity bags to encourage others to go on their own woodland adventures.

Nursery Manager Nicola Sledden said: "The children had a wonderful time earning their Silver Award and are rightly proud of their achievement.

"We’re now looking forward to the next stage in our activities, when we will be working towards our Gold Award.

"We’d like to thank all of our parents and carers for taking part and helping us to learn about nature. We’re looking forward to them being a part of the next stage in our environmental education too!"