Inspectors rate 35% of Asquith nurseries Outstanding

Article By: Angeline Albert, News Editor

More than a third (35 per cent) of settings in the Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre Schools group have been rated Outstanding by Ofsted- a whopping 33 out of 94 sites.

Children at Hickory House Pre-School & Day Nursery celebrate its fourth Outstanding rating

This includes 10 nurseries in the group which achieved the top Ofsted rating in 2016.

Asquith’s Hickory House Pre-School & Day Nursery in Kent, was among group's ‘top ten’ nurseries in 2016. It achieved its fourth consecutive ‘Outstanding’ rating - making it the only nursery in Kent to get the highest rating four times.

Inspectors who visited Hickory House on 11 August last year, said: “The atmosphere in all rooms, from babies through to pre-school 2, is engaging, fun and highly stimulating.

“Staff confidently understand their non-verbal gestures and emerging words. Careful monitoring of children's development means any signs of potential delay are recognised early and relevant professional advice is sought.

“Boys' language and literacy skills have been particularly well supported through the creation of 'dinosaur land' in the garden.”

The report also said: “Staff place a strong emphasis on helping children to develop empathy, kindness and an awareness of similarities and differences. As a result, relationships between all age groups are harmonious.”

Andy Morris, CEO and managing director of the group, which operates in England, Wales and Scotland, said: “It is a tremendous accolade for the nursery manager’s and their teams. They create the very best environments for our children to ensure they develop the social, emotional, physical and practical skills they need to flourish and to lay foundations for a successful future”.

The early years group Bright Horizons announced last November its acquisition of Asquith Day Nurseries & Pre-Schools which brings Bright Horizons' total number of nurseries in the UK to more than 300 and more than 1000 worldwide.

At the time of the acquisition, James Tugendhat, Bright Horizons' managing director, International, said: "We were attracted to Asquith's excellent reputation for premium child care and its strong commitment to both behavioral safety and staff development."

The Asquith group's 'top ten' nurseries rated Outstanding in 2016 are:

West Hampstead Day Nursery & Pre-school - inspected 16 December 2016

Southampton Day Nursery - 8 December 2016

Woking Day Nursery & Pre-School - inspected 15 November 2016

Warsash Day Nursery - 14 November 2016

Bristol Day Nursery & Pre-School - 24 October 2016 Slough Day Nursery - 17 October 2016

Hickory House Pre-School & Day Nursery –11 August 2016

Putney Pre-School & Day Nursery - 27 May 2016

Reigate Pre-School & Day Nursery - 21 January 2016

Royal Earlswood Pre-School & Day Nursery - 5 January 2016


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