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Oxford Day Nursery rated Outstanding


‘Inspirational teaching’ and ‘confident children’ have made Sandfield Day Nursery in Headington, Oxford, one of the best early learning centres in the country.

The day nursery off Sandfield Road has just been rated Outstanding by Ofsted - which is achieved by only 15 per cent of all English early years providers - sparking celebrations amongst children, staff and parents.

Kim Hambridge, Sandfield Day Nursery Manager, said staff and parents were delighted at the glowing Ofsted report.

“The talent, skill and dedication of my staff team is matched by the enthusiastic and wholehearted support of our parents, and as a result our children thrive. That is what makes this nursery outstanding; Ofsted recognition is the icing on the cake,” she said.

In her report, the Ofsted inspector described the management team as: “Ambitious and passionate about providing high-quality childcare. Monitoring of staff performance and children’s learning is extremely accurate and highly rigorous. This helps to provide children with an inspirational quality of teaching. All children make outstanding progress.”

The indoor and outdoor play and learning spaces at the nursery were described as exciting and highly stimulating and staff support of children’s learning as skillful.

“Children are extremely highly motivated, engaged and quick to learn to think for themselves. They have exceptionally high levels of confidence, emotional well-being and are secure in their friendships and relationships with staff,” said the inspector.

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