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Clickety books support children’s speech and language


Tops Day Nurseries have recently invested in Clickety Books, purchasing a full set for each of its 17 day nurseries across the South Coast.

Award-winning Clickety Books develop children’s spoken language, key phonics skills, early reading and spelling. At Tops Day Nurseries, they believe it is vital for children to progress through their developmental stages with staff encouragement, as well as learning on their own.

Children enjoy engaging in a wide variety of sound play and it helps develop their ability to recognise individual sounds in words. This is not only important for clear speech but also helps build a strong foundation for phonics and early literacy skills.

The Early Soundplay series of Clickety Books were written by a speech and language therapist for children ages 18 months upwards. This expertly crafted Early Soundplay series provides multiple opportunities for focused listening to the full range of English speech sounds. The stories are expertly crafted to support children’s developing speech sound awareness and vocabulary knowledge.

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