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Christmas babies get biblical names like Noah, parents' poll reveals

Article By: Angeline Albert, News Editor

When it comes to baby births at Christmas, nearly two thirds of parents like to give their offspring traditional, biblical names - with Noah, Jacob and Grace the most popular festive choices.

Of the 2,412 UK parents asked about their children’s names, half confirmed they knew the true meaning behind their chosen baby name with the top Christmas names having meanings such as ‘gift of God’, ‘strong’ and ‘wisdom’.

Other common festive names selected by UK parents include Holly, Ivy, Noel and Nicholas, according to the online poll commissioned by parent website Emma’s Diary

Celebrity Christmas babies in 2016 included Kim Kardashian and singer Kayne West who name their December-born son Saint. Another December-born son was named Shepherd by American actor Jared Padalecki. However, Megan Fox opted for a more spiritual route to celebrate the Buddhist holiday in December by naming her son Bodhi, which means enlightens.


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