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Columbus Courtyard Nursery now open in Canary Wharf


Bright Horizons Columbus Courtyard Day Nursery and Preschool is now open in Canary Wharf, providing care for children from Monday to Friday, between 7:30am and 6:30pm.

The nursery is located within Columbus, South Colonnade end of the Wharf and offers all of Bright Horizons Growing Programmes including Growing Readers, Growing Artists and Growing Mathematicians.

The Growing Programmes are part of the Bright Horizons Ready for School philosophy which draws the respectful understanding of how children develop and learn.

The Ready for School education enhancements provide the pedagogical foundations for growing lifelong learners who are happy and confident. All of the elements within Ready for School are designed to support and strengthen the partnership between early years educators and parents.

The nursery is also equipped with a soft play area which will incorporate the Active Athletes programme and offer physical activity opportunities for the children. There is also a sensory equipped with various lights and other equipment to test the senses.

“The mirrors in the soft play room will help the babies with their imitation,” said Tarcha Peters, deputy nursery manager. “The sensory room gives the children that settling feel, so if they’re not happy they can come in there and it helps them to settle down.”

An image of Bright Horizons health and safety mascot Candy Floss is located in the corridor, to remind the children to walk safely.

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