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Wages to Rise Higher than the National Living Wage


Childbase Partnership is proud to announce that low paid employees will see a rise in their pay higher than the rise announced by the government in the Autumn Statement.

Employees on the National Living Wage will see their pay rise to £7.61 an hour opposed to the government rate of £7.50 from April 2017. This represents a 5.7 per cent increase in their hourly rates. This will apply to all employees, regardless of age. The government National Living Wage only applies those aged 25 and over.

This is on top of their commitment to raise the bar the when it comes to Early Years Apprentices' pay. Their hourly rate is significantly higher than the government's recommended pay of £3.40 an hour; Childbase Partnership pays £5.55.

Louise Hall (23), an unqualified practitioner at the Ofsted-rated Outstanding Nene Valley Day Nursery in Northampton, has been with the company for nine months and is the mother of two young children. She explains what this pay increase means to her.

“I am delighted that we, as a company, are doing this for the under 25s because there are a lot of us with children who are studying for qualifications and can’t do overtime to boost our earnings,” she said.

“The fact that staff are well looked after and rewarded is the reason I chose Childbase. It enables me to succeed in my training and provide for my family. Salary increases in November are also great because it helps us all in the lead up to Christmas,” she added.

Virginia Mead-Herbert, Deputy CEO of Childbase Partnership, said: “This is but a step in a decade-long company drive to achieve professional recognition, pay and benefits for our early years practitioners who are not only carers but educators of the very young.

“We introduced the National Living Wage five months early last year and are maintaining momentum with the latest increases and a move to 100 per cent employee ownership and tax-free bonuses for all next year.”

As well as providing a comprehensive, in-house training programme, well-being support and a range of employee benefits, Childbase is committed to the principle of paying decent wage for their staff. This is in recognition of their contribution to raising the standards of early years education for the children in their care and their value to this company.

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