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Walking in Autumn


Preschoolers at Rowan Tree Day Nursery in Welwyn Garden City have been enjoying the autumn season with their weekly woodland walks to Sherrards Park.

These walks have allowed children in the Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ nursery (May 2013), to enjoy activities such as den building, treasure hunts, bug hunts and nature trails.

Back at nursery, the children record what they had seen on each visit in a large scrapbook where they draw pictures of what they have done and print out photographs of things that they have observed.

Nursery Manager Claire Ovenden explained: "Autumn is a fantastic time for children to explore their environment. The season provides an array of different learning opportunities that we make the most of at Rowan Tree.

"Woodland walks help to educate children about the importance of the natural world as well as the enjoyment of being outside and engaging in physical activity."

Rowan Tree has recently been awarded an Eco Schools Bronze Award for excellence in environmental activity. The nursery aims to inspire future generations of young people to care about the environment and the natural world.

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