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Early Years Resources presents: The Winter Festivals 2016 Catalogue


With autumn in full swing and winter just around the corner, Early Years Resources has a selection of products perfect for the season. The range aims to cater to every celebration, from Halloween to Chinese New Year!

Soon to be celebrating its 25th year in the industry, this is the 7th Edition of Early Years Resources' Winter Festivals catalogue, launched due to continued success. Early Years Resources believes this annual supplement to be a great way of highlighting some of its seasonal products featured in its main catalogue. With the importance of children learning from an early age about cultural diversity today, it offers a wide selection of products to make it a fun, hands-on and exciting experience.

Early Years Resources sees this as a way to inspire creativity and celebrate the multicultural festivals that run from September to January. Using its quality products astounding autumnal displays, haunting Halloween crafts, cheerful Christmas scenes can be created and young children can learn about other religious celebrations such as Hanukkah, Eid and Divali. Early Years Resources also provides downloadable material for each religious festival to use as a teaching resource or within an activity pack.

As a result of recent distribution, the Winter Festivals catalogue selection this year is proving as popular as ever. Offering great value for money with an array of fantastic offers and full of creative ideas to get children in the spirit, products from our Winter Festivals catalogue 2016 are a necessity for every nursey and classroom environment!

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