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AFN Newsletter August - 2016



What’s On At Amazing Footprints Nursery?

Painting and Decorating. For the next week AFN will be having some work carried out on the nursery. This will include painting all rooms and a general update of the nursery. They have scheduled this work now, due to them being a little quieter throughout the summer holiday period. They will be moving the children round to different rooms so the work will not disturb them.

Baby Parents' Day. On Tuesday 30th August AFN's Baby Room staff will be holding a parents' day, where parents will be invited into the nursery to meet with their child's key person and they will receive a written report on their child's development. AFN understands that when they have done evening slots before, some parents have struggled to attend so they thought they would give this new idea a go.

Staff News. Due to their numbers increasing, AFN has taken on Charlene for their two year old room. She is a qualified member of staff and has many years experience bringing fresh new ideas to the nursery.

Amazing Footprints Nursery would also like to congratulate Rebecca the Manager on the fantastic news of her pregnancy. They are all very excited for her and wish her all the best for when she goes on maternity leave. Dates are yet to be confirmed but AFN would like to reassure all of their parents that she will not be gone for long and the nursery will maintain its high standards in her absence.

Volume 12 — Issue 2 — August 2016

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