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New ‘pen-pal’ for local pre-schoolers – Her Majesty the Queen


Pre-schoolers at Pelican Day Nursery in Newbury are celebrating this week after receiving a letter from HM the Queen thanking them for their hand-crafted card and birthday wishes.

The letter postmarked Buckingham Palace was greeted with cheering and disbelief by pre-schoolers at the nursery in Pelican Lane. Their artistic work was described as ‘Splendid’ and their messages as thoughtful by the appreciative Monarch.

As Manager, Sian Elliott, explained the letter, with a photograph of the Queen, was a complete surprise as the birthday card was sent weeks ago as part of studies and celebrations marking the Monarch’s 90th birthday.

“The excitement in nursery after the letter arrived was incredible. We plan to frame and display it so our children are constantly reminded that the Queen of this country, and all the countries in the Commonwealth, thinks they are all very clever,” she said.

The card was crafted with paint and glitter and children of all ages added their ‘marks’ and messages as part of a Royal celebration birthday party complete with bunting, baking and charity fund-raising at the nursery.

“We love big occasions in nursery and the Queen’s birthday was certainly one of the most important in our calendar. As always, when you capture a child’s imagination, the learning opportunities are endless and for staff that is where the real fun begins. And it all begins again with the arrival of this letter,” said Sian.