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'Go away you terrorist' nursery worker tells child

Article By: Angeline Albert, News Editor

“Go away and bomb someone else” were the words spoken to a young child by a nursery nurse, who has been struck off.

Nikki Alexander has been banned from working in the childcare sector after she repeatedly insulted and swore at children in her care, while working at Busy Bees Nursery in Edinburgh.

The Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) removed Nikki Alexander from the register of Practitioners in a Day Care of Children Services, effective from 15 July, after ruling she had committed Misconduct in June and July 2015 in ‘a pattern of concerning behaviour’.

The nursery nurse called one toddler a 'bomber' and 'terrorist' in the presence of other children and the SSSC ruled that in doing so Ms Alexander had racially abused the child and placed them at risk of harm.

At the start of June 2015, Ms Alexander told children under two to "p#ss off” and “I've had a f##king enough of you”.

A week later, she told one child she was a "f##king spoilt little bitch”.

The week after that, Ms Alexander grabbed a child under two by the arm causing them to fall over and bang their head.

In its ruling, the SSSC said: “You have stated that you are embarrassed and disgusted by your behaviour.

“There is no evidence before the Council of you having insight into your failings or of a willingness to change your behaviour.”

The SSSC said in its written judgement: "Abusive behaviour by a social service worker, such as calling service users names, swearing at them, shouting at them and pulling them in a way to cause them to fall, is a breach of trust and confidence for social service users.

"Grabbing a service user by the arm and pulling them in such a way that made them fall over and bang their head constitutes physically abusive behaviour towards a young child, putting the child at risk of physical and emotional harm.

"Using discriminatory language is demeaning and devaluing towards the child and caused, or was likely to cause, embarrassment, humiliation and distress for the child.

"It is behaviour which put a service user at risk of emotional and psychological harm and is behaviour that is incompatible with the behaviour expected of a person registered with SSSC."


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