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Banging the drum


Children are banging the drum for a new music zone at their farm-based day nursery near Darlington.

The music zone has been created as part of a number of new learning-based activities that have been introduced at High Bank Day Nursery in Stapleton.

Using metal dustbin lids, buckets pans and trays, as well as a wind chime, the children are being encouraged to make sweet (and sometimes loud!) music in the outdoor theatre at High Bank.

There is even a seating area so the young musicians can play to an audience.

High Bank Day Nursery Manager Hayley Grainger said: “We base all our activities around the use of natural resources, with an emphasis on encouraging the children to play with real objects, and not just toys.

“The music zone is a good example because it involves using dustbin lids, buckets, pots and plans to create different sounds, and the children are really enjoying it.

“We are keen to encourage children to develop their artistic side, with the emphasis always about having fun.”

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