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Tops Boscombe’s Narrative Programme now available to 3 & 4 year olds


Tops Boscombe are currently working alongside Boscombe’s Children Centre to provide communication & language learning opportunities for two year olds with the new ‘Narrative’ Programme.

After the huge amount of interest this has received, Boscombe Children’s Centre have announced they will be expanding the programme for three and four year olds, focussing on “Who, How, Why”.

The Narrative Programme mirrors the development of narrative skills in children from raising awareness of the individual components of a simple story, to retelling and then generating their own ideas for stories. The sessions, while structured, are flexible and play based to support children’s learning in the early years. The Narrative programme consists of five x 20 minute sessions which children can take part in during the daily timetable. The sessions are practical with a variety of activities, rhymes and songs. Supporting children in their early years is key to their speech, language and communication development, which will have a massive impact on their skills in later life. A representative from Boscombe Children’s Centre visits Tops Boscombe on a weekly basis to deliver the programme to the children.

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