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Ofsted praise kidsunlimited North Cheam Nursery


kidsunlimited’s North Cheam Nursery and Preschool (part of Bright Horizons Family Solutions) on London Road has been awarded a ‘Good’ rating by government inspectors in a glowing report.

The report states that, “Staff provide a good range of quality resources for children to play with. All children are motivated to learn and make good progress in relation to their starting points. Staff monitor children's progress effectively and build on children's individual interests well to plan further steps in learning.”

The report continues to praise by noting that: “Staff are enthusiastic and are committed to developing their practice further.”

Sarah Burge, the Nursery Manager, said, “We are delighted to receive an ‘Good’ rating, this endorsement from Ofsted recognises all the hard work that my team has put in to ensure that every area of care and education is provided at the highest level for our children and their families. As always out fundamental aim remains to ensure that we create the best possible environment in which children can flourish and naturally love learning forever."

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