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Whee-tuh...whee-tuh... whee-tuh


Fun was had by all when an owl called Katie visited the children from Bright Horizons Callands Day Nursery and Preschool on Gresford Close in Warrington.

The visit looked to support the nursery’s aim of bringing the children closer to nature, and help to stimulate an interest in science and nature from an early age.

During Katie’s visit to the nursery, the children learnt about how long her wings are, what kind of foods she eats and why she makes a twit twoo sound. Following Katie’s visit the children practiced ‘flying’ and hooting like little owls in the garden.

One little boy exclaimed: “My Daddy told me that owls are nocturnal, that means they are awake at night time and sleepy heads in the day time.” And others joined in with their observations, “Owls have soft feathers and really long wings.” “Their big eyes are to spot mice in the dark.” “They have sharp claws like a dinosaur to catch their prey.”

The staff also decided to build on this activity by reading the Owl Babies by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson, and inviting the children to make puppets and retell the sweet story of three owl babies, who waited patiently for their mother to come back home and bounce up and down with joy on her return.

Jenny Connor, Deputy Nursery Manager said: “The children were so excited by the visit of Katie the Owl, for all of the children this was the first time they’d ever seen a bird of prey up close. The visit, as well as being exciting, also offers us a great opportunity to teach the children about the natural environment and the world around us in a fun and engaging way.”

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