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AFN Newsletter March - 2016


Amazing Footprints Nursery Newsletter. March - 2016

What`s new in the nursery

Parents meet and greet evening Monday 18th April The nursery would like to invite all parents to the cheese and wine evening to expand parents partnership within the nursery. As there have been lots of changes within the nursery and new staff starting, this is a time you can meet and talk to your child’s key person. Your children are also welcome to attend and join in with the activities.


Top 10 recommended. The nursery is pleased to announce that they have won an award for being recognised as a top 10 recommended nursery in London for 2016. Staff would like to thank all of parents for the lovely feedback and continued support to help the nursery achieve this award.

New room names

The nursery rooms have new names. The names were created by speaking with the children and staff. Strawberry Room —0-2 years Kiwi Room —2-3 years Pineapple Room —3-5 years

New room

The rooms are being changed around slightly to meet the needs of the children. The changes are taking place at the moment and it is hoped they will be completed by the end of April. Both rooms upstairs will be used for the Strawberry Room, providing the younger children with more space to explore. The Kiwi Room will be the new room at the back of the garden, providing the two year olds with access straight to the garden instead of having to use the stairs all the time, and thePineapple Room will stay the same.

Volume 12 — Issue 2 — March 2016

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