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Children at Kiddi Caru Harlow plant a flower day


The children at Kiddi Caru’s day nursery in Harlow marked the beginning of the spring gardening season by celebrating Plant A Flower Day last week.

As well as planting seeds and plants in the nursery’s garden, the children planted various vegetables and also started growing cress. In addition they put the nursery’s mud kitchen to good use, exploring the feel and texture of the soil and experimenting with soil and water mixtures.

Vania Farinha, Nursery Manager, said: “The children very much enjoyed digging around in the soil and planting their seeds and flowers, and they put a lot of thought into where everything should be planted. The beauty of this activity is that they will get to see the seeds growing and the flowers blooming over the next few weeks, and we will also use the vegetables they grow in our cooking activities when they’re ready to eat.”

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