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The role of apprentices at Tops Day Nurseries


There are over 200 apprentices working at Tops Day Nurseries, across all 16 nurseries. But what does this mean to Tops children, parents and carers?

Tops have received feedback that parents and carers are not sure what apprentices can and cannot do at the nurseries, so they wanted to share this with you:

Did you know?

-Tops apprentices wear grey t-shirts, so they are visible in the rooms.

-When in grey t-shirts, the apprentices are not in numbers (counting towards the ratio of children to adults which must be adhered to at all times), and so cannot be solely responsible for your child. Instead, a trained practitioner will be in charge at all times, and the apprentice is there to help and support.

-Apprentices undertake a full induction, have a mentor, and work for 35 hours a week.

-They receive 3 hours training a week with an assessor or on an external course, and undertake reviews every 4 weeks.

-All Tops apprentices are looking to start their career in childcare, and having hands on experience in their nurseries is invaluable towards their development. A high number of Tops childcare apprentices stay with them once they qualify, meaning that Tops Day Nurseries can benefit from their knowledge and existing understanding of how best to develop the children in their care.

If you have any further questions about the role of an apprentice at Tops nurseries, please speak to the nursery manager.

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