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Fun outdoors


Pre-schoolers enjoyed listening to a story about the chew-chew people who have a small village in the nursery's garden and a dragon whose name is Achooooo.

A poorly dragon sneezed and blew down all the houses of the chew-chew people. The children came up with some great ideas about how they can help the chew-chew people go back to the garden.

They chose their materials and went to the garden to start building the houses. Some of them worked together and helped each other to build the houses and some of them wanted to work alone.

They did an amazing job using stones, wooden bricks and some other materials, putting them together.

At the end they explained to their friends where the entrance was and how many people can live in their house.

The results were amazing! They also made a tent for the village, to be sure they will be safe even if it rains.

However, in the evening the children noticed that all the houses had gone.

They thought that the dragon had come back and sneezed again, so they had to find another solution.

All of them agreed that they had to do something so dragon would not be poorly anymore, and they decided to build a house for him.

Everyone took an active role giving lots of nice ideas. 'We should give him healthy food', ' We should give him a blanket to keep him warm', 'We should give him a cup of water'.

They separated into small groups and everyone chose a task to carry out.

Then they went to the garden and they were so excited to start building the house and prepare everything for the dragon. Healthy food, blanket, pillow, water, medicines, everything ready for the poorly dragon. It was a fantastic activity which all children enjoyed!

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