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Kiddi Caru turns up the heat!


Kiddi Caru Day Nurseries inspired by the success of The British Bake Off and the UK’s new found passion for baking has installed new cooking facilities at each of its 19 nurseries.

The new, child friendly ovens have been designed to ensure that they are the perfect size for little ones and so that they are safe for children to use with adult supervision, fitting easily into the nurseries rooms.

Cooking is a fabulous activity and is one of the best ways for the children to make connections across many different areas of learning.

Participating in cooking activities children will see science in action and whilst they may not understand all the principles involved it will prompt them to ask questions. Cooking also helps lay down basic numeracy, literacy and time-telling skills. Measuring out and counting ingredients, reading a recipe out loud and watching the hands on a clock to see whether their cakes and buns are ready.

Kiddi Caru also believes that involving children in cooking at an early age stimulates their senses and helps foster a lifelong positive attitude to food.

Caron Moseley, Marketing Manager at Kiddi Caru comments, “The cookers are a wonderful addition to the nurseries and the children love using them. You can see how tangible their interest is - joining in with the cooking sessions really builds their confidence and knowledge. The children ask loads of questions during the cooking activities not just about what they are doing but where different ingredients come from.

“The ovens really enhance the experience the children have of baking and cooking – rather than just help to measure and weigh the ingredients, which would previously be whisked off to the main kitchen to cook, they children can actually watch their food cooking first hand. And who knows our cookery lessons may even inspire the next Mary Berry!”

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