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Flippin' good!


Children at Westholme's Nursery & Infant School marked Shrove Tuesday with a number of pancake related activities today!

This morning, the pre school children excitedly donned their Westholme aprons and helped Mrs Moores make a pancake mix by pouring the milk and flour then whisking it together with eggs. They were extremely impressed with the end results and quickly devoured them with various toppings from sugar and lemon to golden syrup and chocolate spread.

A pancake flipping competition was also held in reception; children had to flip a pancake as many times as they could in 30 seconds – this was great fun for everyone involved.

Finally, this afternoon, the children in the nursery also enjoyed celebrating Pancake Day by tasting pancakes with lots of different toppings – even some with fruit!

What fun all of the children had - they hope you have also enjoyed your pancakes today!

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