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There’s a knock at the nursery door, who can it be?


A small parcel, beautifully wrapped, was sent by Santa himself to the children of kidsunlimited Crewe nursery and preschool on Crewe Business Park.

Inside was a ‘special’ elf, a gift sent from the North Pole. The boys and girls discussed various names for their new friend, before putting all of their ideas into a pot to be drawn, with the magical name ‘Pixie’ winning.

The curious children were very interested in finding out more about Pixie, especially where he comes from... So to find out the children researched various books, encyclopaedias and used the internet. After researching the children then drew their interpretation of ‘pixie’ and the land that he came from. Bella exclaimed: “Pixie has flown on an aeroplane from elf land with lots of snow.” Victoria concentrated very hard before stating: “I am drawing an elf next to Santa.”

Because everybody worked so well together Pixie brought new sparkly Christmas tree decoration for the nursery’s beautiful Christmas tree.

Nursery Manager, Stephanie Beesley, explained: “The build-up to Christmas is such magical time in our nursery and the children enjoyed receiving their magical elf. Now, we cannot wait to see what other exciting things our elf friend Pixie will bring us.”

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