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Brett Bear visits the Cheeky Chipmunks at Chiswick Park Nursery


The children at Bright Horizons Chiswick Park Day Nursery and Preschool on Evershed Walk had a very special visitor, a local writer Sihat Gurpreet, the author of ‘Brett Bear and the Cheeky Chipmunks’.

Gurpreet spent time reading her book about Brett Bear and his has amazing adventures, which was voted the UK's 100 kids' books by the children themselves.

The story came alive as the children listen intently how Brett comes up with a good idea to stop the mischievous chipmunks getting into trouble. One of the children in the nursery was called Daisy, which also happens to be the name of one of the Cheeky Chipmunks. She was thrilled to hear her name being read out each time.

The Nursery Manager, Lorna Meese said: “This was a wonderful experience for the children and nice addition to our Growing Readers programme. Everybody had a lovely time! We hope Gurpreet enjoyed it as much as they did!”

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