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Children explore their senses and make perfume


Children from kids unlimited Tytherington Day Nursery and Preschool on Tytherington Business Park, enjoyed exploring their senses and creating their own little bottles of petal perfume to take home.

The activity was chosen in order for the children to explore their sense of smell, touch, sound and sight and took place in the nursery’s sensory room, which offered a great environment to enhance the children’s experience, with its dim lighting and a classical music in the background.

Nursery Manager, Lorraine Roberts explains, “We had great fun making make petal perfume by using petals, water and glitter. Children love exploring and using their senses and I was thrilled to see how they collaborated their own ideas and worked together as one team.”

Amelia, 3 summed up all the fun: “Sparkly perfume makes you like a butterfly.” and Little Jack proudly announced: “My mummy will smell like flowers if she wears this.”, while Lydia carefully observed: “The petal smells like my garden at home.”

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