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Nursery children sell their art at auction


Children at kidsunlimited day nursery on Chineham Business Park have been selling their mini masterpieces to raise money for their company charity, The Bright Horizons Foundation for Children.

The mini artists sold their paintings to the highest bidders during a nursery auction. The atmosphere was tense in the bidding room with all the usual hustle and bustle you find at auction houses. Delicious cakes made by parents were sold during this special event, and in total the nursery managed to raise almost £300 for the charity, which looks to support families and children in crisis, living in temporary accommodation, or fleeing from domestic violence.

Nursery Manager, Amy Sharp, said: “Everybody embraced the spirit of the auction and the children enjoyed being creative for a very worthy cause. We are now looking forward to working with the foundation to ensure the money helps support those in need in our local community.”

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