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Children At Kiddi Caru Colchester Celebrate Fabulous Fruits


The children at Kiddi Caru’s Colchester day nursery have been running their own fruit stall, inspired by the popular children’s book Handa’s Surprise by Eileen Browne.

Having filled her basket with seven delicious fruits, one for each of her friends, Handa sets off to walk to each of their homes, unaware that along the way crafty animals are stealing each piece of fruit one by one. As well as setting up the fruit stall the children also weaved their own paper baskets so they could role play Handa’s walk.

Laura Evans, Nursery Manager, said: “Books are a great source of inspiration for children and they especially like Handa’s Surprise because it features some wonderful illustrations of African villages and landscapes, and of course lots of cheeky animals. I think next time they go grocery shopping they will be keeping an eye out for elephants and monkeys stealing their fruit!”

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