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AFN Newsletter August -2015


Amazing Footprints Nursery Creating your child’s future

What’s new in our nursery Eat room we have currently closed the children’s eat room as we are redecorating and designing our very own Little Sunflower Café for our children to eat in. This will make the room more bright, inviting and appealing for the children. We will be producing friendly colourful menus for the children. This will encourage the children to be independent and begin to make self choices as an individual.

Summer Holidays We are now well into the summer holidays and are now experiencing some nicer weather. We encourage the children to enjoy water play on these days. Please can all children bring spare clothes, sun hats and sun cream on these hotter days.

Wow board! Each department has a wow board in the hall way for the children. Please write on the wow slips about anything your child has done at home that you would like us to know about. For example their first step, first night in their own bed etc. This will be displayed on our Wow board and then will be put into your child`s observation learning journal.

Parent Partnership

Our nursery would like to build on our parent partnership. We would like to organise days and event in which parents can share with their children. For example when our Café is ready to be open we would like to invite our parents to a breakfast morning to share with your children. We will send out the date of this event nearer the time. We would love parents to give us your own ideas on events or days that you would like us as a nursery to provide.

Volume 11 — Issue 18 — August 2015

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