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Parents Go Behind The Scenes At Kiddi Caru Colchester


Kiddi Caru’s Colchester day nursery will be opening its doors to parents on Saturday 26th September and inviting them to experience the nursery’s varied activities – including pizza making, ice play and ‘cooking’ in its mud kitchen - first hand.

While it is usually the children who get to have all the fun, parents are being invited in to see what happens behind the scenes at the nursery on a normal day and join in. Other activities they will be able to try following the theme of ‘learning through play’ include treasure basket play, ice play, painting, Numicon and rice sticking.

In the nursery’s garden area there will be mark making, balancing blocks, gloop and of course the wonderfully messy mud kitchen. In addition, parents and children attending will be treated to a meal of butterbean and courgette pasta bake followed by cherry sponge and ice cream, all freshly made by Kiddi Caru’s on site chef.

Laura Evans, Nursery Manager, said: “Our door is always open to parents but we like to have special days throughout the year when they can come in and get a real feel for what their child does day to day here. It’s difficult when you are so busy and sometimes literally just have time to drop your child off and go to work – their life can become a bit of a mystery. Our Experience Days give parents an insight into our typical day so that they can then discuss different activities with their child at home and feel more included.”

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