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Children At Kiddi Caru Beat The Weather With Imaginary Campfire


Grey days can be just as exciting as sunny ones if you use your imagination, as the children at Kiddi Caru’s Writtle day nursery discovered when they helped the staff to build an imaginary campfire recently.

Using sticks collected from the nursery’s garden and colourful tissue paper, the children built their own make believe fire and gave it a warming glow with some torches. They sat around it reading their favourite stories and pretending to toast marshmallows whilst snuggling up in blankets.

Jennie Gregory, Nursery Manager, said: “The children love playing make believe and were very excited at the prospect of being able to sit around their own campfire telling stories. It really did look amazing when they’d finished it, they thought a lot about which colours of tissue paper to use and where to position the torches so it looked as real as possible. It just goes to show, with a little imagination rainy days are not as boring as us grown ups think!”

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