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Chobham Nursery goes ‘above and beyond’ to help deaf children


A mother has described Pennypot day nursery staff in Chobham as amazing after they made a 120 mile round trip and a £500 cash donation to a charity supporting her two-year-old profoundly deaf child. Staff members at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ day nursery in Pennypot Lane have looked after Toby Shek since he was seven months old and work closely with The Elizabeth Foundation, a national charity based in Portsmouth, which is also supporting his learning and development. “The Pennypot team are amazing using their own time to travel to Portsmouth and learn about the ideas and processes that ensure Toby realises his full potential,” said mother Claire Shek, whose eldest son Louis attended the Chobham nursery. “I wanted Toby to have the same experience as his elder brother but I was nervous about it. They have, however, been brilliant and Toby is thriving. I feel incredibly lucky,” she added. Pennypot Practitioner, Cathy Burrows is Toby’s key worker and applied to The Sue Andrews Foundation, which the nursery supports with fund-raising, for the £500 grant for the Portsmouth charity which helps deaf babies and children learn to listen and talk. “Toby is bright, lively, and inquisitive, and an absolute joy to be with. He deserves every possible opportunity and certainly makes the most of the support he receives. His development is in line with that of his hearing peers and he continues to move from strength to strength,” she said. “I was moved by the work of The Elizabeth Foundation and the experiences of the children it cares for so couldn’t be more delighted that our fund-raising activities will not only help Toby but also other children like him,” she added.

Toby, who was diagnosed with hearing loss at eight weeks old following a virus, received a cochlear implant to restore some hearing. He is fond of animals, singing, reciting nursery rhymes and exploring the large Pennypot Day Nursery garden with its sensory and bug-hunting special interest areas. Pictured (L-R) Mrs Claire Shek, son Toby (2.5 years) and his practitioner, Cathy Burrows, at the Ofsted-rated ‘Outstanding’ Pennypot Day Nursery in Chobham.

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