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Maths Is A Numbers Game At Kiddi Caru Colchester


The children at Kiddi Caru’s Colchester day nursery have been exploring numbers and counting recently to help Kiddi Caru’s friendly mascot, Roo, with his maths skills.

The children used a Numicon, which introduces ideas about numbers and maths through illustrated activities and games. They enjoyed building with the Numicon and counting the holes in each piece. The imagery on each piece uses patterns to represent each number and the patterns are structured so that number relationships can be experienced.

Laura Evans, Nursery Manager, said: “Becoming familiar with numbers and maths is an important part of a child’s time at pre-school and it helps to prepare them for their transition to primary school. Using a tool like the Numicon makes the process exciting and fun for the children and encourages them to explore different ideas while talking about numbers with each other. Roo found the activity very useful too, and I’m reliably informed that he can now count to ten!”

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