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Children At Kiddi Caru Whiteley Hit The Road For Transport Day


The children at Kiddi Caru’s day nursery in Whiteley held their own transport themed day recently, even bringing in their own trikes, bikes and scooters from home.

Not only did they make use of their chosen mode of transport in the nursery’s garden – complete with safety gear – they also learned how to keep their vehicles clean. They discussed how they get to nursery each day and what they see on the way then made paper aeroplanes, which they launched off their bridge in the garden area to see how far they would fly.

Lisa Roper, Business Manager, said: “Children love playing on anything with wheels so they were delighted to be able to bring in their bikes and trikes from home. Their paper aeroplanes were fantastic and some of them actually flew quite far. You never know we may have some budding aircraft, bike or car designers here!”

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