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Kiddi Caru Wellingborough Support Wig Wednesday


The children and staff at Kiddi Caru’s Wellingborough day nursery have spent the day donning their wigs to raise money in support of Wig Wednesday.

Wig Wednesday started in 2011 when a CLIC Sargent supporter was inspired by a family member's experience of cancer to help raise awareness of the impact of childhood cancer.

Knowing how vital it was to raise funds too, he created the idea of collecting donations for wearing a wig for a day, and Wig Wednesday was born.

The nursery set up a hair-dressers station and got creative with their brushes. The children practiced their fine motor skills, developing control over the brushes and bottles that were used. They also enjoyed using the actions that they have watched mummies and daddies do at home such as tipping the shampoo out of the bottle and brushing their hair.

The children also enjoyed showing off their wigs to all their friends and laughing at the staff wearing theirs!

Emma Whitworth, Nursery Manager, said: “We had a really fun day raising funds for what is a very worthwhile charity and one that is close to our hearts here. There is something about wearing a wig that just makes everyone laugh – even nursery mascot Roo got in on the action.”

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