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Outstanding School Inspection Report for St George's School


In a full school inspection by Education Scotland earlier this year, St George's was awarded the highest possible grading of "excellent" in three categories. An "excellent" rating was given to the school's curriculum (including the nursery), improvement through self-evaluation and also for performance (which covers examination results, attainment and achievement further up the school). At the time of writing, no grades in the "excellent" category have been allocated to Scottish schools for some time. The inspectors also commented that the transition arrangements from joining the school in nursery and as children moved up the school were excellent.

Excerpts about St George’s Nursery from Education Scotland School Inspection Report

“In the nursery children engage very well in their learning through play.”

“Babies and toddlers are warmly welcomed and for the few who require reassurance to settle, staff are very patient and caring.” “In nursery, children are developing important early literacy and numeracy skills.”

“In the nursery, staff observe learning and use this information to plan next steps and plan learning around children’s interests.” “In the nursery, Curriculum for Excellence guidance is very well used by staff to deliver learning through play and learning plans are displayed and shared with parents.”

“Across the nursery and school, staff are strongly motivated to provide children and young people with high quality learning experiences and skills for life and work.”

“Transition arrangements for children as they move through the school are excellent. In keeping with the school’s aims, children progress at their own pace through the curriculum… to meet their individual needs and aspirations.”

“There is an excellent culture of self-evaluation across the school.”

Report produced by Education Scotland and the Care Inspectorate, March 2015.

The full report can be downloaded from their website

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