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Sam Gyimah reappointed as Childcare Minister

Article By: Julia Corbett, News Editor

Conservative MP Sam Gyimah has been reappointed as Childcare Minister and will continue to be responsible for education and childcare within the Department for Education.

He was first appointed into the role in July 2014 after replacing Elizabeth Truss and has key responsibilities including childcare and early learning as well as early years funding and the delivery of free entitlements, early years education and the early years foundation stage (EYFS) and wrap around childcare provision.

Mr Gyimah was elected as MP for East Surrey in 2010 and retained the seat in the 2015 general election with 57 per cent of votes.

Neil Leitch, chief executive of the Pre-school Learning Alliance, said: “We welcome the opportunity to continue working closely with the minister to tackle the challenges facing the early years sector and build a childcare system that delivers high-quality care to the children and families that need it.

“With the Government set to proceed with its pledge to extend the free entitlement offer for three- and four-year-olds to 30 hours, it’s now vital that the Department for Education engages fully with the sector to ensure that the plans are properly funded, and we look forward to working closely with Mr Gyimah on the implementation of a full and comprehensive review of the funding rates, as promised pre-election.

“Given the Government’s recent shift towards a more formal, ‘schoolified’ early years sector, we also hope that Mr Gyimah will welcome and encourage open and honest conversation with the sector on the best approach to early years provisions, and work collaboratively with providers to develop a childcare system that delivers quality, age-appropriate learning opportunities.”

Before starting the role as Childcare Minster, Mr Gyimah was a Government Whip from October 2013 to July 2014.


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