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Children At Kiddi Caru Follow In The Hungry Caterpillar’s Footsteps


After reading the Hungry Caterpillar recently the children at Kiddi Caru’s International day nursery in Earls Court took a trip to their local market recently to check out the fruit and vegetables.

Inspired by the Hungry Caterpillar’s love of all kinds of vegetables and fruits the children climbed into their very own Kiddi Bus and were taken to the market by some of the nursery’s staff to see first hand what all the fuss is about. They got to look at and smell all of the fresh produce and talked about the different scents and colours.

Sonia Bell, Senior Nursery Manager, said: “The children had a fantastic time visiting our local bustling market and the stallholders were all lovely, describing which fruit and vegetable was which to help the children identify the ones they’d seen in the story. We’re very lucky being located where we are, so many places are within easy reach - especially with our special Kiddi Bus - so we can take advantage of the children’s natural enthusiasm for something and encourage them to learn more about it.”

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