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Charities launch drive to recruit more young men into childcare

Article By: Nina Hathway, News Editor

The Fatherhood Institute is working with London-based partners in the early years and youth sectors to increase the recruitment of young men aged between 16 and 24 into the childcare profession.

The charities aim to recruit and train 12 young men over the next two years through a new, free Young Men into Childcare programme, coordinated by the Fatherhood Institute and with training offered by City Gateway. The programme is funded by Trust for London.

Six of the young men will gain a Level 2 Childcare qualification, and at least four of them will be supported into jobs in the sector.

The programme has arisen because despite decades of progress towards greater gender balance in many professions, the early years education and childcare workforce remains dominated by female staff. Latest figures show that only two per cent of early years education and childcare staff are male.

“Governments have been talking about wanting to improve male representation in the early years workforce for many years now, but we’re still a long way from cracking this. Through the Young Men into Childcare programme we hope to make a difference – and, along with other pockets of good practice, help move things forward. Our young children deserve nothing less,” said Fatherhood Institute chief executive Adrienne Burgess.

Men’s participation in hands-on caring for children has increased hugely over recent decades - so there are plenty of men out there with experience of looking after and nurturing the future generation.

If you’re a young man interested in working in this rewarding field, contact City Gateway by phone 020 3727 6222 or email:


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