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Kiddi Caru Invest in Stage Two Literacy Training


As part of its ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality learning environment for its children, Kiddi Caru has invested in a new Mark Making training programme.

Nicky Bland, an experienced and sought after trainer, is implementing the training programme over three sessions throughout 2015. Nicky who has worked with Kiddi Caru to implement the highly successful Phonics training in 2014 has created this stage two Literacy module as a follow up to last year’s course.

Created as a bespoke training programme for Kiddi Caru, the 25 attendees looked at all elements of mark making and focused particularly on encouraging children to have a curiosity and interest in writing. Strategies were discussed in terms of engaging boys in particular in the idea of mark making.

As a result of the training, the staff who attended now feel confident in their ability to support children’s mark making and early writing skills. The attendees were taken through all the developmental stages of mark making, given suggestions of how parents and children can write together to enable the team to provide carers with ideas of how to support their child at home as well as ideas for encouraging mark making within the nursery environment.

Once completed the training days will have been attended by all senior staff and some junior staff who work with two to five year olds within the nursery and who will then go on to cascade through to other members of the team at staff meetings.

The mark making training is aimed at guaranteeing that Kiddi Caru continues to provide the best possible environment to support children in learning to write. The new training delivers skills to ensure that all team members can understand and implement mark making best practice at all times.

Sue Meekings, Director of Childcare at Kiddi Caru, said: “After the success of our Phonics training course last year we wanted to look at how we can take this to the next level. Nicky has created a wonderful stage two training course for us with this mark making training.

“It has been so important to us that the courses have been introduced in this way. Basically if the children can’t say or talk it they can’t write it. As children develop speaking and listening skills they build the foundations for literacy, for making sense of the verbal and visual signs ultimately for reading and writing. The Phonics training ensured that we have this in place and that we can now actively support our children with their mark making work.”

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