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Banana Moon Hatton Newsletter - March 2015


Comic Relief Fun at Banana Moon Hatton:

We will be celebrating and raising money for Comic Relief at Banana Moon Hatton on Friday 13th March with a fancy dress up day and a cake sale. We hope that the children will enjoy dressing up in anything they like! – and their red noses too! And the children will be busy baking next week in preparation for the day! So please do support us! They will be a box in nursery too for any donations you would like to make to support this great cause. Thank you!

Baby News:

More baby arrivals for two of our families! Congratulations to the Bick Family on the birth of Noah – a lovely little brother for William. And welcome to little Livvy too – a little baby sister for Grace Kettel.

Nursery Opening Times:

Just a polite note to remind parents that the nursery does not open until 7.30 am in the morning and we close at 6.30 pm. We cannot accept children before 7.30 am as the staff are preparing for the day, and also we are not insured to look after children before this time. We would appreciate it please if parents would support us with this. Thank you.


We would like to welcome the new children and families that have started with us recently – we hope your child is enjoying their “Banana Moon experience”! And welcome too to all the children who have moved to their next room in the Nursery!

Spring in Springing!

The bulbs are starting to sprout, the dark mornings are going and the sun is shining. Spring is certainly coming to Banana Moon Hatton. The children do enjoy our outdoor area – playing, going for walks, getting muddy and having lots of fun!

Developing our outdoor area:

We have recently been successful in securing some funding for the development of our outdoor play areas. Soon to be delivered to nursery will be: a willow castle, a mud kitchen, a water play trough, a storytelling chair and more seating, more tractors, construction bricks, outdoor musical chimes, to name a few. The children, and staff, are very excited!

Chinese New Year:

All the children enjoyed celebrating Chinese New Year in February and the nursery was decorated with lanterns and masks! The children enjoyed a special Chinese lunch and tea too.

Activities in all the children’s rooms:

Baby Room:

The children have been busy with their creative skills – this month has seen the Baby Room become a jungle – there are lions, elephants, giraffes and monkeys!


Beware as you walk through the Teenies Room as they have enjoyed making and playing with dinosaurs! They have been busy too with surprises for their special Mums for Mother’s Day!


When you visit Toddlers, make sure you have your snorkel and flippers! – the children have created so many wonderful crafts to support their Under the Sea theme! And they are now enjoying talking about the Arctic – and have made some super penguins!


In Playschool, the children have been very busy in the paddock finding bugs and mini beasts! They have also made houses for their new little friends!

The older Pre-School children have enjoyed talking about their letter of the week, and have been practising writing their names! We hope you have been able to enjoy their campsite that they have made in their room!

Our Sickness Policy:

Could we please remind parents that if your child is ill with sickness and diarrhoea, then your child will need to stay away from nursery for 48 hours. You will appreciate that these forms of illness can spread through the nursery very quickly. Also if your child is on antibiotics, we ask that your child does not attend nursery for 48 hours as well please. This to ensure that your child does not have a reaction to the antibiotics. We are able to administer antibiotics after this period. We would appreciate your support please, and do ask the staff if you have any questions regarding any illnesses and your child’s health to come to nursery. Thank you.


Laura Beverley has been promoted to Room Leader of our new Pre-School Playschool Room. Congratulations Laura on your new position at Banana Moon Hatton, and I know Laura is looking forward to being with the children and having fun through lots of different activities!

Tescos Community Programme:

We have developed a partnership with Tescos. Sarah Wrist, from Tescos, has visited the nursery a few times now, and the Pre-School children have enjoyed a wide variety of activities. This month the children tried lots of different fruit drinks and also made mini beasts out of fruit! They even ate the mini beasts too!

We will visiting the big Tescos in Warwick after Easter to look around the store and see how things are made!

Happy Mother's Day to our special Mums! – from everyone at Banana Moon Hatton.

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