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Pre-schoolers share 'the love' with a balloon release


Pre-schoolers at Copper Beech Day Nursery in Birmingham were ‘sharing the love’ on Valentine’s Day with a balloon release in the Harborne area.

The 30 red balloons all carrying pictures and messages on labels created by the children at the day nursery in Tennal Road, were released in a rain storm with the invitation to anyone finding them to email the nursery.

Deputy Manager, Kimberley Shakespeare-Rea, explained respect, friendship and affection between children and staff is promoted all year long at the nursery but Valentine’s Day provides the opportunity to send ‘the love’ further afield.

“We are hoping people will get in touch so we can see how far the balloons have travelled. Children and staff alike really enjoyed creating the labels with lovely pictures and friendly messages,” she said. In addition to discussions about friendship and respect for each other, the children also made heart-shaped biscuits as ‘love tokens’ for their parents.

Pictured: Ryah Ndlovu (4) releasing a balloon at Copper Beech Day Nursery in Harborne as part of Valentine’s Day celebrations.

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