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Kiddi Caru Plympton Gets into the Christmas Spirit with Nativity Play


Children and staff at Kiddi Caru’s Plympton day nursery have been getting ready for Christmas with their week-long nativity story.

The nativity will take place each morning at 10.30am and each child has their own part to play. Parents and carers are invited to come in and watch the play and will be presented with a programme and photograph of their child in costume.

The nursery cook will also be cooking up a batch of seasonal mince pies and clotted cream for everyone to enjoy.

Tracey Callan, Nursery Manager, said, “Our annual nativity week is one of the most popular activities with both children and parents alike. It is a really lovely way to celebrate Christmas and to learn a little bit about the traditional story of the nativity. I am really looking forward to seeing our children play their parts – I am sure we have some budding actors and actresses in the making.”

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