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A theatre adventure for the children at Kiddi Caru Earls Court


The children at the Kiddi Caru day nursery in Earls Court experienced the thrills and excitement of a trip to the West End recently, when they went to see the Lyric Theatre’s wonderful play based on the ‘Room On The Broom’ children’s book.

The nursery staff took a group of children to the theatre on the bus, where they helped them pay the bus driver for their tickets, so they could also see some of the sights and sounds of London on the way. The play is about a friendly witch and her cat who meet a variety of animals during their search for the witch’s hat and wand, each of which asks them if there’s ‘room on the broom’ for them.

Amanda Vardy, regional manager at Kiddi Caru, said: “The children love the ‘Room On The Broom’ book and were so excited about taking a trip to the West End to see the play. Getting the bus to the theatre also added to the adventure. They all had a wonderful time and gave the play some very positive reviews!”

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