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Day nurseries urged to embrace Maths Champions

Article By: Richard Howard, News Editor

Incorporating ‘Maths Champions’ into preschool environments has a clear impact on the numeracy performance of children, according to the National Day Nurseries Association.

Further reflection on the NDNA’s project, launched three years ago, also found the training that professionals undertook led to a more focused staff able to maximise numeracy skills development.

Director of quality & workforce development, Stella Ziolkowski, comments: “NDNA recognised the problem of falling numeracy standards 3 years ago and took action to address the situation in member nurseries. Through the NDNA Maths Champions programme we are working with early years teachers to develop practitioners by providing them with the tools and resources to raise confidence and ability levels.

“Evaluation of the NDNA Maths Champions programme has demonstrated increasingly confident staff as well as improved results for children. There is still a huge job to do on maths across the whole age range to ensure young people exiting full time education and entering early years education are both competent and confident to deliver maths skills.

“Day nurseries are in an ideal position to work closely with the parents of young children to help improve their confidence with numbers through play and learning in the home as well as in day care. Our Maths Champions project has already increased the skills of over 1,400 early years teachers in integrating numeracy within learning.”

Free factsheets on the role of Maths Champions can be found on the NDNA website, as well as case studies.


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