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Children at Kiddi Caru Colchester Hop Along to the Vets


When it was time for the resident rabbits at Kiddi Caru’s Colchester day nursery to have their annual vaccinations, some of the children decided to join the expedition to the local vets too.

The reception area provided lots of opportunities for talking about different animals and guessing what kind of four-legged friend might be waiting patiently in each of the pet carriers. The children also went into the treatment room to see the rabbits having their check up.

Laura Evans, Nursery Manager, said: “The children were very interested in finding out what happens to the rabbits during their annual trip to the vets. They were fascinated in the treatment room, watching the rabbits being weighed and the vet listening to their heartbeats. We talked about how important it is for them to have their vaccinations and be well looked after. We believe that having animals in the nursery can be a valuable experience for the children, especially if they are included in the different aspects involved in taking care of them.”

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