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Outdoor Play Gets Scientific at Kiddi Caru Writtle


The children at Kiddi Caru’s Writtle day nursery have been busy exploring their new outdoor science area recently, complete with a butterfly garden, bug hotel and lots of pipes and tubing for everything from water to toy cars.

The pipes and tubes are ideal for enabling the children to investigate direction, using paint, balls, water and anything else that will fit into the pipes to see how fast objects move along in them. They also have a magnifier so that they can keep an eye on the bugs in the bug hotel, counting their legs and seeing how they grow and develop.

In addition to the new science area the children also have a new mud kitchen to experiment in. They have made lots of mud pies and cakes so far, making full use of the mud kitchen’s pots, pans and utensils.

Sarah Lord, Nursery Manager, said: “Children are incredibly inquisitive at this age. They want to investigate everything about the world around them and learn how things work. Our new science area and mud kitchen nurture this thirst for knowledge whilst also being fabulously messy and great fun to play in!”

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