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Children at Kiddi Caru Earl's Court Celebrate Diwali


Children and staff from Kiddi Caru’s Earl’s Court day nursery have been celebrating Diwali (23rd October) by creating their own festival of lights.

Diwali is known as the festival of lights because during the course of the five-day Hindu festival houses, shops and public places are traditionally decorated with small earthenware lamps. The children created their own candles by sticking different shaped and coloured pieces of paper onto a background. They then painted or drew a light onto their candles and decorated them with glitter and paint. Each child’s candle was used to form a huge Diwali display within the nursery.

Amanda Vardy, Regional Manager at Kiddi Caru, said: “We celebrate lots of different festivals throughout the year in the nursery as our families represent many cultures and religions. It’s also important because we live in a very multicultural society. The children are naturally inquisitive about the world around them so they very much enjoy these types of activities and Diwali was no different. I think their favourite part was decorating their display with paint and glitter, although I think a lot of the glitter when on themselves rather than their candles!”

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