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New nursery seeing double with four sets of twins

Article By: Sue Learner, News Editor

A nursery in Southport has only been open for six months and in that short space of time, four sets of twins have joined the setting.

Jayne Hayes, owner of Monkey Puzzle nursery said: “I can't believe it. Having one set of twins, watching them develop their own individual personalities is one thing, but four is quite special. What is it about the Southport sea air!

“They are all young and we hope will be with us until pre-school which means there is still time for more twins to join - could we be looking at a world record.....?”

The twins, Charlie and James; Oscar and Martha; Finley and Natalie plus Oliver and Jacob are all non-identical and have been given separate key workers unless there was a parental request to have the same key worker.

Co-owner Tim Hayes said: “We feel this helps ensure that they develop their own independence. We encourage them to choose their own activities to be involved with (or not!). One of our twins loves music and dance and can't wait for baby ballet, his brother is not so keen to join in so he does other activities that interest him more.

“Irrespective of the children being twins, we like to promote individuality for all the children who come here. Parents are often surprised to hear that the twins 'do their own thing'. In their own classes they have a lovely group of friends that they bond with whilst also enjoying, but not relying on each other's company 24/7.”

Monkey Puzzle nursery currently has 131 children on its roll.

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